In honor of Noah Webster’s birthday (eventually of Merriam-Webster dictionary fame), let’s have some fun with word: like words. Here are three fun words that mean the same thing:

Brouhaha: hubbub, uproar

Hubbub: confusion, uproar

Hullabaloo: fuss, uproar

Btw, Noah Webster is recognized for compiling the first truly American dictionary, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language(published in 1806). He’s also known for wanting to reform the spellings of words, he thought needlessly confusing. For example: musick to music and centre to center. One word that DIDN”T make the cut was women; he wanted it changed to wimmen, because he felt it more accurately represented its pronunciation. 

Not trying to cause any unnecessary brouhahahubbub, or hullabaloo, we’re just a couple of wimmen, trying to have a bit more fun. 

Like words
Fun Wimmen!

Join us! Grab a dictionary or thesaurus and have a little fun with your words, today and everyday.

You are never too old to cause a bit of an uproar . . . 

M & M