Do you dread road trips? Or find them boring? Do you scour the internet looking for fun road trip activities? Interactive games and fun activities are a great ways to interact with each other — and pass the time.

Some of our fondest childhood memories involve family road trips — and our love of being in the car extends into our lives today. Long drives provide more opportunities for fun.

Here are 5 favorite road trip activities:

  1. Blow Bubbles: Blow bubbles out the window (passengers only). It’s especially fun in a convertible!
  2. Scream Over Bridges: Every time you go over a bridge, roll down the windows and scream as loud and long as you can. It’s a fabulous way to release stress.
  3. Spin a Yarn: Use the signs you see as an impetus to create a tale. Taking turns, each players adds a piece to the story. It requires you to think on your feet!
  4. Make Unplanned or Planned Stops: Just for the heck of it, check out a sleepy town or do a little pre-trip research and plan a lunch stop at the best local diner. Stops are especially helpful around rush hour traffic.
  5. Sing Car Karaoke: Find a music station you love or pop in a favorite CD. It’s especially fun to sing at the top your lungs and/or purposely make up new lyrics (instead of “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” it’s “Ain’t no sunshine when food’s gone.”)
Road trip activities
Enjoy the great outdoors!

So often, we are so focused on getting to our destination, we forget to have fun along the way . . . on the road and in life. Add #1-5 road trip activities — and you may just qualify for one of the best road trips in USA!

You are never too old to enjoy the ride . . .

M&M (aka Thelma & Louise)