Do you have a color, texture, shimmer, pattern (like leopard print) that you’re drawn to when you go shopping for yourself? It’s something you want to wear or surround yourself with it. It’s like a second skin, a fashion identifier.

I call it a style thang.

My style thang is leopard print. It started in the 80s (and way before the popularity of Tiger King) when animal print was big and never stopped. I have leopard ballet flats, leopard booties, leopard sneakers, leopard flip-flops, a leopard purse, leopard scarves, leopard pjs, a leopard sweater— and I’m on the hunt for a faux leopard coat.

Leopard print coat
I want this faux leopard print coat!

And in my home: I have a leopard poof, a leopard tray, a leopard throw, a leopard beach towel, and some leopard pillows. One pair of leopard pillows came from my now-husband for our first Christmas. (Yes, he bought me accent pillows as a gift, and I loved them.)

Leopard does not cover my entire house (or me); my leopard thing is more like pops of leopard — yet it’s clear to others I like it.

A lot.

It’s fun to have a style thang —and it doesn’t have to be leopard. My friend Cora loves all things pink, and my sister Dolores loves all things sparkly. It makes them easy and FUN to buy for. . .

And that’s a good thang. What’s your second-skin style?

You are never too old to have a style thang . . .


PS- Just saw a super cute Leopard Print jogger on Cabi site…