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About M&M

About M and M, M&M or Mare and Melinda…anyway you slice it…here’s the backstory!

Mare & Melinda: Fun-shenistas!

We met in 2004 at a Toastmaster’s meeting in Sarasota, Florida. What we instantly realized that the one big thing we had in common was our playful approach to life and a desire to be our personal best. But, mostly we were crazy fun. We were always looking for fun things to do—and finding fun, especially free fun, was and is our goal.

Mare says:

“A simple attitude adjustment is all it takes to release the fun factor!”

I’ve had fun as a personal fitness trainer, life coach, motivational speaker, author, wellness writer, and home staging professional. Phew! To add to the fun, I earned an undergraduate degree in writing and then a master’s degree in English Education from the University of South Florida. Going back to school gave me newfound confidence–all after age 50. I am married to a fun-loving attorney (yes, they do exist!) and am mom to two mini-dachshunds (Lulu & Zero), two cats (Max & Cami), and 7 fish. Plus, I have to admit the occasional stray that wanders onto our property.

Melinda says:

“If it doesn’t put a smile on your face… don’t do it!”

It’s my motto and has guided many of my life choices.  Much of my life was spent chasing the dream of fame and fortune, landing many national commercials and most recently as an on-air host for HSN specializing in health, beauty, and fashion—but, I felt incomplete. Through years of personal growth work and applying the Law of Attraction, I finally am living a life of love, happiness, sharing—and yes, FUN! Recently, I found the best role of my life: being married to Hank. I awaken every morning to a kiss and a cappuccino in bed. Yes, I am spoiled and love every delicious minute of it! 

Ready for fun and games?

Now, WE want to share some of the ways we add joy, fun, and play to create a life rich beyond measure.  You’re never too old to get in the game and play! 

Come join us — and let the games begin!

With our unique backgrounds and differing lifestyles, we offer creative ways to add lightness, joy, and fun to your life. As a result, many of the fun-sized ideas and simple advice suggest FREE (and almost free) ways to have fun.

By the way, we both grew up reading and loving Hints from Heloise. We’re no Heloise(s). But we do hope our sometimes resourceful and zany, fun-sized ideas add a twist of fun to your life.

So, what’s required from you?

  • Taking a little action, double-checking your attitude, and knowing that your smile is our reward.

Oh, and please, share the fun. When you do, the fun expands and expands. First because you focus on it AND then it just keeps growing when you share it with others.

We’re living proof!

One more thing about M and M, we are not part of the M&M Mars candy company, but we are cray-cray about M&M’s!