We can remember, growing up, taking a daily-dose vitamin every morning called One-A-Day. Maybe you did, too? One reason why we present these posts in fun-size doses is so they feel easy to do, just like taking a daily vitamin. 

Who knows, if you commit to trying one fun idea a day or (ahem) FunADay, you might just feel a little bit better—and therefore, healthier and happier.

You can choose how to implement FunADay, but if you’re game, we have an extra way to play!

To make the FunADay idea even more fun, Create an Entertainment Hat drawing game. All you need to do is print out a bunch of the free, most fun (to you) tips, add a few ideas of your own, cut them into individual strips, and throw them in the hat. You can have fun alone or with others.

Keep the hat in plain sight or add a FunADay reminder on your phone or computer. Just add the fun-size tips, shake the hat, close your eyes, pick a tip, and let the fun begin!

Play FunADay as long as it puts a smile on your face; if it starts to feel like work, STOP! Some of us like discipline and order, and others, a bit of randomness and chaos. Like anything, do only what feels fun for you!

We also remember wanting to sometimes take more than one vitamin a day, especially those yummy chewables. But Mom wouldn’t let us! The great thing about FunADay is you can have as much fun as you like, why stop at one? Happy New (Fun) Year! 

You are never too old to add a dose of fun to your day . . . 

M & M