Recently, I noticed that both my husband and I and friends use sound effects as we speak to each other to add emphasis to certain things. In fact, I just used a sound effect to try to calm down my dog while he was licking my face as I’m dictating this note; I gave him a big Italian sounding “Eh, leave me alone !”

The “Eh’s,” the “WhooHoo’s”, “the YeeHaw’s” … the growls, the purrs, what fun! 

Sound effects add a playful youthful edge to your communication with friends and family. 

Sound effects…just for Fun!

Try this on…the next time you’re with young children, possibly your grandchildren, be animated, add sound effects. You might do it naturally when you’re reading them a book…but what about other times? Tasting a food…..yummmmm, or Ohlala, or yuck! (Here’s a dessert that’ll garner a yuuuuuummmm!)

But even with adults. Like with children, a bit of sound play can not only add fun, it can also deescalate tense situations. Instead of saying “be quiet” — how about a gentle “shhhhhh!”

Sounds are playful and an important part of communication…that is IF you want to have FUN ???


There’s many ways you communicate. With colour, texture, sound… Even words can communicate.

David Carson