Did you realize there’s an International Kissing Day? Well, it’s never too early or late to start celebrating or practicing kissing with some at home fun! How did you learn to kiss? Do you remember your first kiss?

And what about later, when you got it down or got down — with someone you really liked? There’s nothing better than a chemical reaction kiss that sparks promise of what may yet unfold.

And once it all unfolds and you’re comfortable in your relationship, kissing sometimes takes the back-burner. Sooooo going back to that first deliciousness can be a ton of fun! If you’d like to bring the kissing back, here are 3 easy ways to play.

  • Try kissing with your eyes open; it can deepen the connection.
  • Try kissing in stages…first peck, then linger, add excitement to French kisses, let your tongue entice. Then wink and walk away…
  • Try kissing with an Intention…kiss and let your partner know you want this kiss to lead to lovemaking.
Adult at home fun kiss
Adult at-home fun and it’s free!

And if you roll over in giggles, all the better. Whether it’s a romantic kiss or loving kiss, kissing can be good, clean, FREE fun! ? ? ?

You are never too old to kiss and make up or make out . . .


P.S. Find yourself looking for Fun Activities basic free at home fun? FUN may be just a lingering KISS away…

“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.“

~ Bernard Meltzer