An easy exercise secret is: Find movement you enjoy — and will do consistently. Here’s the fun part: To get healthier (and see results), you don’t need to work out long and/or hard.

Who knew?

It’s so much better to create a fitness habit that you’ll actually do daily, rather than (begrudgingly) go to the gym for an hour workout, 3x a week. My preferred fitness routine is something I call “a little play every day.”

Btw, words matter! When described in FUN ways, fitness feels easier, less grueling. Simply replacing certain words like “exercise” or “workout” with ”play” or ”movement” might help you look forward to it!

My way to easy exercise is play —it’s my no-work workout.

Since I stopped teaching exercise (in 2003), I’ve lived a balanced lifestyle, eating healthfully and doing at least one (moving) play thing for about 20-30 minutes (eg. gentle yoga, a bike ride, a walk) every day. Throughout the day, I sprinkle snippets of toning or stretching moves.

For example, before I sit to do work at my desk, I’ll sit in my chair, then stand up and sit down, ten times. It’s like doing a set of squats. When folding laundry, I sit, legs extended to stretch my hamstrings. Toning and stretching feels like a natural part of my day

What might your easy-exercise-a-little-play-every-day be? And yes, even a fun walk with Fido counts!

I don’t think she’d mind me sharing, but, I know Melinda loves to put on her headset while walking and grooves to the Original Broadway Soundtrack of “Hamilton” show tunes. Rumor has it she knows the lyrics by heart!

So, whether its dancing to Broadway tunes, two-stepping to CW, or humming a tune while you mow your lawn, whatever your fancy…use it as your Easy Exercise Secret!

You are never too old or too busy to find “a little play every day” . . .


PS- We’d love to hear what your Easy Exercise Secret looks like so others can try it on!