Since I don’t love doing housework, I’m always looking for easy, breezy cleaning tips. My mama used to say: “The house won’t clean itself.”


With all this extra at-home time the house is getting used more — and for some reason, the pandemic fog settles in, making simple chores feel more choresy.

Gets me thinking: Why spend the energy cleaning when it’s going to get messed up again?

Seriously though, Erma says it best — and thanks Lynn, for reminding me of Erma’s views on housework!

My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch on fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one cares. Why should you?

Erma Bombeck

Sometimes it fun to be nostalgic, remembering fun ways we got through tough times (picnics, Scrabble, hurricanes). Mama (and later my surrogate Mama Lynn) taught me you can make anything fun.

Cleaning Tips à la Mama

Whenever our red-oak hardwood floors needed polishing, Mama handed me and my sister a can of Johnson Paste Wax, threw us two pairs of old socks, turned on a transistor radio — and told us to get to work. We’d put on a layer of the wax (loved the smell…still do) and once it dried to a film, we put on our socks, sliding around and dancing to the music until it was shiny clean.

So I decided, the floor won’t clean itself…

Cleaning tips
This is my cheap pair, but you can go fancy with these doggy socks.

And…shake, shake, shake, REPEAT!

Shimmy to shininess

Great memories, clean floors, and burned calories. Score!

You are never too old to shimmy and shiny up your floors…