Fast food may not be your first choice, especially if you are looking for at home food fun.! Just curious, did your Mom ever tell you: “Do not play with your food?” So how about a Fun Life Twist?

Have you heard of the modern food trend: Deconstructed Food? It’s fun, it’s easy and in some instances, even takes less time! And it allows you to eat some of your favorite foods that you’d routinely make in large batches.

Here’s an example of deconstruction. Take, a deviled egg it is something you don’t normally make unless you’re making an entire plate — and bringing it to a celebration or holiday dinner.

BUT, if you make it deconstructed, you can effortlessly have one deviled egg any time. Yummy!

Here’s what you do: Take a hard-boiled egg, slice it in half —Instead of scooping out the yolk into a separate bowl, adding mayo, mustard, and optional sweet-relish, you simply, put small elegant plops of mayo, mustard and relish directly on top of each half.

At Home Food Fun deconstruct food
An egg-stra fun way to have fun with food at home!

Plus, deconstructed food can be personalized. Less mayo (a smaller dollop) or no relish is possible because it’s served separately.

At home food fun: Play with it!

Here’s where your creativity comes into play; think how you might deconstruct and serve the following foods.

Cobb Salad — layered in a Ball glass jar.

Sushi — on a bed of rice with all the “fixin’s” on top.

Chicken Pot Pie — chicken and vegetable gravy in a cup with a biscuit on top.

Or, how about a deconstructed banana split . . . Now we’re talking! ?

Deconstructed food! The fun doesn’t have to stop with the cooking; it can continue into the presentation. Unleash your creativity! Go ahead, play with your food. (We won’t tell your Mom.)

You are never too old to add a Fun Life Twist and find a new fun way to present your food…