Growing up, our family loved games. For at home fun, my parents had a jigsaw puzzle set up in our family room, where a puzzle always sat in process. Any one of us could saunter over and add a piece or two. Puzzles were a family group project—and some sat there, partially constructed for weeks.

Puzzles! Oh, sweet torment! Love/hate, fun/frustration. I can still hear my Dad pleading, “Just one more piece!” to my mother, beckoning him to the Sunday dinner table.

Puzzles date back to the mid-1700s, when map makers posted maps onto wood before cutting them into small pieces. High-end puzzles still use wood, but these days, people mainly use puzzles for entertainment.

But honestly, their primary purpose is to drive you crazy!

At home fun

Pictured is a little Stave’s puzzle, a “Welcome” gift left in our cabin at Twins Farms in Vermont.

Before we could even settle in, the puzzle, just by its mere presence, summoned (and tormented) my inner puzzle master. I was soon hunched over milling through the pieces.

Away or at-home fun

Stave’s puzzles are considered some of the best (or worst!) puzzles made and are available in three-dimensional form. The 3D puzzles are nearly impossible to do, because there are fewer straight edges as placement guides —and the one pictured, didn’t even include an image to follow.

But that didn’t stop me.

Like my Dad, I was swept into the sweet torment of puzzles and could be heard pleading: “Just one more piece!” to my husband, trying to get me out the door for dinner.

Insidious, but oh so much fun!

You are never too old to engage in a fun/frustrating passion . . .


Clearly in my book and according to Amazon: “adult puzzles” are tops in at home fun. Or if you’re like Mare, Scrabble is right up there!