Just for fun (and practicality), buy yourself a package of Baby Wipes aka wet wipes. I got mine on sale and figured out that it comes to about half a penny per wipe. What a bargain, considering their wide variety of applications.

Use #1: Probably the most unusual way I use wet wipes is to freshen up my white blouses. You know the area around the collar that gets little surface stains from makeup or sweat, I pull out a baby wipe and clean off the schmutz*. Saves a trip to the cleaners!

Use #2: If I don’t have time for a quickie bath or shower, I use the wipe to do a quick “PTA” cleaning. Basically, the adult version of how they’re used for babies. I mean, why should babies have all the fun?

Use #3: If see a spot of crud on my makeup table, tile floor, or elsewhere I whip out a wipe and voila…clean and disinfected. 

Babies shouldn’t have all the fun!! Find these at CVS!

These wet wipes aren’t flushable, but, some are —and, I’d rather err on the safe side and toss all baby wipes into the trash. Otherwise, this little 1/2 cent tip could end up costing big plumbing repairs.

You are never too old to baby yourself a bit . . .


*Schmutz (pronounced schmoots) In case you haven’t heard it, it’s Yiddish and it means “dirt.” I think it’s such a fun word!