I have always had a special appreciation for French style. Women of all ages have an innate, effortless sense of style. French style: Just wear all black, pull your hair back into a chic ponytail or bun, slip on a pair of flats or boots, and throw on a fun, colorful silk scarf.

Always chic, always fabulous — a standout look at the Louvre, in the marketplace, or sitting at a candlelit dinner.

Clothes come and go for me, but some things are timeless. In my closet, there’s a entire wall dedicated to black slacks, black jeans, black turtlenecks, black blouses, black tops, black dresses, and black skirts, a variety of black boots and flats.

And nearby, my huge scarf collection, scarves in every imaginable color and patterns. Throwing on black always feels good — and then according to my mood, I’ll choose a fun scarf for a pop of color. Twirl it around…a neck scarf or attach it to my purse — and I’m done.

French style fashionista
Boom! Simple elegance and comfort.

Sometimes it’s not about doing more, it’s about doing less — and for me, sometimes less is more — and way more fun!

You are never too old be a little French when it comes to style . . .


And during Covid-19, you can learn how to fashion a scarf as a face mask.