Black is and will always be “the” color.

In the past, this color related to grief, sorrow, and mourning; now, it’s sophistication and slim-if-i-cation. (It’s a new word, and we’re gonna coin it!)

Just for fun, I laid out, in paper doll fashion one of my favorite wintertime outfits.

All black…head to toe: From the suede boots, to the Bottega Venetta fringe bag to the sparkle (Covid) mask and, of course the very necessary ebony fashion Readers!

Black fashion fun
Evening Fashion Idea!

Monochromatic Black is sure to make you look and feel like you have it all together. Whether it’s simply jeans and a tee shirt, both in black….or top-to-bottom Black-tie evening attire…you will look chic without even trying (too hard ?).

With the colder weather, see how many dark layers you can put together. Complete the look by choosing every accessory available to match your midnight basics. It’s really this effortless to look chic and fashionable!

Black accessories

In color psychology, black’s color meaning is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. 


So the next time you are undecided or in doubt about what to wear, just pretend you’re headed to a celebration of life …with your dancing shoes on?.

You are never too old to be pretty in black…


Mare here…I have add my 2 cents on this one — here’s a fun way to wear a sequined cami…with jeans, jacket, and slides…flats work, too!

Love mixing glitter & jeans!