Bottoms up! I finally have a fun celebration to wear that clingy dress I bought on sale. It’s been hanging in my closet for the past five years, with tags.

Dang, the store I bought it from has even closed. Boo-hoo!

So I tore off the tags and tried it on. Goodness, it didn’t look quite the same. Nothing had changed on the scale…BUT what happened to my rear end? 

Bottoms up had turned into bottoms down!

Over the years, I’ve worked to keep myself in pretty decent shape. And since I’ve already had lots of big birthdays, one of the most recent being the big 6-0, I’m not one to complain. 

But back to my behind. Where did it go?

So just for fun, I decide to go shopping for a booty. I have to tell you, this type of shopping is new for me. I’ve never worn Spanx (too uncomfortable) or padded bras (too fake). 

But it felt silly…and fun…and cheap!

Did you know you can buy a booty for as little as $15….so I did. 

If it’d make me feel better in my dress, why not? 

And I love it. It doesn’t look fake…and rumor has it, you can buy larger pads if you’re into it. But even with this milder model, it’s like having your own portable seat cushion…so it actually makes sitting more comfortable. Haha.

PLUS it really makes me happy to finally WEAR that dress, the way it was intended and before it goes out of style!

You are never too old to add a little sway to your sashay . . .