We invite you to join us and look younger as you age! Both of us are into looking our best, no matter the date on our birth certificates. And we disagree with those “age appropriate rules” put out by some women’s magazines. We definitely follow our own style ideas as we age. 

Truly inspiring women haven’t “given up!”  For us, un-inspiring women look like they’re trying too hard to look too young. It’s an age-ole dilemma…and, a fine line between too much and classy-just-right! 

Have fun with accessories!

And if you cross the line, well unfortunately, your efforts just might backfire. Looking younger is fun, but if done wrong, well…it can actually do the opposite…age you!

Here are 4 “look younger” tips: 

  • Be true to yourself. That means throwing out those societal rules that label things “age appropriate.” At the same time don’t go out and buy a ton of “teen/youth” clothing just because the fashion industry says it’s “in!” Forever 21 is not necessarily forever!
  • Look at your assets. Let’s say you have fabulous legs. While a micro-mini skirt or shorts might be out of the question (for me),  perhaps a shorter cocktail dress or sundress can be carried off by you! Think about how you’ll feel, the event protocol, and the audience. For example, the mini cocktail dress might be perfect (along with your great legs) when you’re out with friends or on a date with your guy. But may not be appropriate if you’re making a presentation to the board of directors.
  • Regarding make-up…less is more. So many women think as they age they simply need to cover up all their imperfections (lines, wrinkles, age spots) with more and more make up. In fact, too heavy dark eye make-up or bright red lip stick or definitely too much foundation or blush ages you! We suggest you think “softer” for a classier more youthful look.
  • Your budget! If you have budget constraints it’s better to think classic versus trendy. Even a traditional classic look can be more “youthifying” than aging if done properly. Classic clothes tend to have longevity and therefore can be mixed and matched for years and years to come. Think of getting less expensive fun trendy accessories versus expensive wardrobe staples to achieve your fun youthful vibe!

Not sure how to make these tips work for you? Send us a photo and we’ll give you our two “cents” or is that “sense” … as in fashion 😉


Our unique look younger fashion perspective…

My style is minimalist on a budget and with a twist. With clothes, the style may appear basic (almost traditional), like black slacks with a black turtleneck top. Then I’ll top it off with a pair of leopard boots or a fun scarf or jewelry. I definitely dress to highlight my assets and downplay my flaws. More skin is not for me! I’m most comfortable wearing longer dresses/skirts and pants that cinch and highlight my long waist. I do change hairstyles. Right now, I’m enjoying a long classic bob — which I style up or down. Sometimes, I add a faux ponytail or faux extensions with a streak of fun color…just as a fun twist!


I probably push the fashion envelope a bit more than Mare. I buy sparkly Jimmy Choo sneakers, occasionally add a streak of pink to my hair and bare my shoulders and arms! For me, age should not define style, AND, I do give myself the once-over in a full length mirror before I leave the house. I silently ask myself… “If I saw a woman dressed exactly the way I am dressed, would I smile and nod approval, or, snicker?” It’s an interesting question to ask yourself! Since we all have different tastes/styles…it’s totally subjective. Remember to give yourself a few extra minutes just in case you feel like “mutton dressed up as lamb” 😜