Hank and I recently moved into a new community. And, there’s a weekly newsletter that comes out. Just for fun, I offered a suggestion of a way to build “community” to the to the activities director in charge of goodwill.

My suggestion was to invite all of the residents to submit their favorite photos of something going on within our community. It could be a beautiful garden, Pickleball in action, in my case, the double rainbow over the Clubhouse or a picture of our resident Bald Eagle and her baby eaglet.

The point being that each person is encouraged to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Isn’t that what community is all about?

BTW, I suggested that each person only get a photo credit…no monetary reward.

Here’s mine — a double rainbow over the club House in North Venice Florida, Toscana Isles, photo credit, Melinda Foster.

Can you see the second rainbow? 

So here’s the challenge…how could you build community within your hometown or neighborhood? Each of us can do a little thing that could make a big difference when you think of it exponentially.

You are never too old, tired, bored or complacent to add a suggestion that just might make a difference!