Remember how much fun it was to dress up for Halloween as a kid — and how much fun it can still be as adults?Why wait for Halloween? Buy and wear a cheap wig for a fun, fresh start!

There’s something titillating about dressing in costume  — where you can  “be” a different person for a little while.

My husband and I were recently invited to a Studio 54 themed party (for #unmaskcancer for Dana Farber Cancer Research), and I was online faster than you can say the words “Disco Ball,” looking for wigs.

Wigs and hairpieces have come a long way! As I shopped, I saw how cute and cheap they were —and I started thinking about the all the different times I could wear them.

Where can I wear a cheap wig?

In the bedroom . . . Sorry it’s just how my mind works. ?

On a fun night out to dinner. . . 

To a girls night . . .

On a bad hair day . . . 

Or just for FUN!!!

As a result, I realized I have a lot of uses for a fun hair and literally bought six wigs/hairpieces for less than $120! 

When they came in the mail, the fun continued as I tried each and every one on. And at the charity event, I had such a blast wearing my new, exciting hair. Finally, I had the locks of my dreams.

Cheap wig
The new me in a cheap wig

So, I say, why wait? Make your own special event—and throw on a cheap wig, get a little crazy, just for fun.

“Some friends of mine work in an office. They were getting really nervous from their coffee breaks, so they started to have wig breaks. They tried on wigs for 15 minutes. They found this relaxing. So that’s Wig Therapy.”

– Laurie Anderson

You are never too old to for a little wig therapy. . .