Charcoal toothpaste…what?

I saw Colgate came out with two new flavors of toothpaste. I was intrigued, and of course, had to buy them both. The two new products are branded as Essentials with Charcoal (yes, you read that correctly) and Essentials with Coconut Oil.

Do you like to scan the Internet? Charcoal is being touted for its whitening and freshening benefits for your teeth — as is coconut oil. And, somehow it feels more credible when a mainstream manufacturer, like Colgate, adopts these more natural trends. If you search you’ll also see Tom’s, known for their organic and healthy lifestyle products, has Charcoal Toothpaste, too!

Soooo the charcoal toothpaste is actually gray. At first this feels weird, since we’re used to seeing white, white with red stripes, sea-foam green or other amazing colors (for kids) —and gray is not what we’re used to putting into our mouths. As you brush your teeth to see gray “foam” and spittle, well, it just seems wrong! As weird as it seemed…I actually like it! And, the Coconut Toothpaste is yummy, too! There’s a mouth-feel that is smoother. Plus, Coconut Oil is supposed to be healthy for your gums. Check out “Oil pulling” with Coconut Oil.

Brush, rinse, repeat, SMILE!

Trust me, you won’t notice any unusual flavor, and after brushing, my mouth actually felt cleaner than normal. I also took a special look at my tongue, since my acupuncturist always starts there as an examination point, and my tongue had an evenly pink healthy glow. Yay!

Next time you notice a product you’ve never seen before on the shelf, and if it catches your attention, give it try. Just for fun!

You are never too old to try a new product that may improve your health and smile . . . Melinda