I’ve alway had super sensitive eyes, so I have to be careful about the creams and makeup I put on my face. Allergy-tested, fragrance-free Clinique was the makeup of my youth. Even though it was expensive for my teen budget, it was so worth it. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer
My teenage splurge: Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizer. You know, it’s the yellow stuff. 

But for some reason, I thought Clinique was just for teens. So as I got older, I started to use other brands of makeup, like their more grownup line, Estée Lauder that focuses on anti-aging.

Nostalgically, I’d passed by the Clinique counters, only to stop to spritz myself with a bit of Happy (love that scent), convinced I was too mature to take a peek at their skincare or makeup.

That is, until last year during my fun Holiday Shopping Spree. 

Clinique had up a flashy Holiday display and lots of women, some older than me, were checking it out. I totally got sucked in — trying on makeup, chatting with the other gals. And buying a ton of stuff…enough to get me purchase with purchase — a bunch of full-price items for a steal. Fun!

I’m such a deal diva.

Clinique Fun

There are three Clinique makeup items that I absolutely LOVE — and have used for about six months and continue to love. 

Clinique eyebrow, chubby stick, cc cream
My Clinique Holy Grail Favs

Moisture Surge™ CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30.  Okay, so I just love this in Medium — and use it as my everyday foundation. It’s light but has some thickness to it, which offers a better coverage and moisture for my dry skin type.. Plus it has SPF 30!

Chubby Stick™ Cheek Colour Balm I like Amped Up Apple and use it as a cream blush, on my hoods for a bit of dark natural color, and even on my lips.

Instant Lift for Brow (dual brow pencil and highlighter). The soft brown color is my match — and I use the highlighter on my actual lids, not below my brow, which would make my hoodies, look hoodier. (If you have hoods, find some application tips here.)

Hooded eyes natural mature makeup
It’s a super natural look

BTW, my BFF Fiona (and the inspo for this post) loves these products, too. We recently had a sleepover and while I put on my makeup, she oohed and aahed.” When I told her it was Clinique, she exclaimed: “I used to wear Clinique” —and promptly went online and purchased, also getting sucked into the “gift with purchase” offers. 

It’s only natural!

Speaking of, natural is a nice way to age And using “my teen” products make me feel ageless. Who makes those “you’re too old rules” anyway?!

You are never too old to revisit the makeup counter of your youth . . .