Clip-In Hair Extensions are my new passion! Talk about more hair instantly, WOW! Want to add a little, or, make that A Lot of extra fluff to your hair? We have got you covered. Here’s a fun way to pump up the volume instantly. Clip-in hair extensions are an easy, fast and inexpensive change your style to wear at home or for a night out.

Tried all the shampoos and conditioners, looking for more body hair, only to come up short (and limp)?

Lots of women have been blessed with fabulous hair. Not this girl. You may recall a story about a little girl whose Dad shaved off all her peach fuzz hoping it would help her hair come in thicker. Well, two years later my Mom was still scotch taping bows to my cueball head.

So you might guess my hair has been my nemesis. Always a struggle. And, also one of the most fun ways to express our personal style. So if you are follicle-ly challenged, like I am, try Clip-in hair extensions. I swear by them!

Clip-in hair extensions don’t break the bank

The one I am demonstrating in the video came from Amazon and was only $69. I bought two! One that I had cut into a blunt “Pulp Fiction” straight style. And, the other I left long to wear in a high-glam-pony for black-tie and date-nights.

clip-in hair extensions
Clips in for instant volume!
Clip-in hair extensions
Pulp fiction style!

Hair is such a beautiful form of self-expression. Why not invest in your hair? It’s the crown you never take off!

You are never too old to give Mother Nature a little help . . .