The closet in my girl cave was just sitting there, collecting junk. So bad, I couldn’t shut the door! Kinda like that purse that keeps collecting unused stuff, making it harder to find the essentials — and impossible to zip! That’s when Cloffice Ideas popped into my head. Why not finally clean out that overstuffed closet and create a cute, organized workspace? If you google “cloffice ideas,” the options are endless. 

And because you’re working with such a small space, it doesn’t take much time or money to create. Mine took only weekend and less than $100. Of course, I like doing things on a shoestring budget.

One of the hardest parts of the project is clearing the clutter. Once you’ve pared things down (and in my case, it involved a couple of trips to Goodwill), you’re ready to have so fun.

Ready, Set, CLOFFICE…

Design Strategy: First I needed to decide on color. To complement the room’s overall color scheme (gray, black, cream), I went with a black theme for the space. I also wanted to keep the white wire shelving in tact (so I could easily transition back to a bedroom closet).

Let’s Do This: 

  1. To conceal the white shelf supports, I wrapped them with black electrical tape. 
  2. To hide the white wire shelves, I used black foam poster board, properly measured, cut, and taped together to sit on top of the white shelves. Then to add interest, I used leftover foam brick wallpaper (sprayed black matte), to create a textured ledge (so it would be visually appealing). 
  3. Then, I painted the back/side walls, using leftover eggshell black paint (Glidden’s Black Magic). 
  4. I bought all black organizational cubes for the top shelves. (These items are things I don’t really need to access, but I can’t throw out.)
  5. I purchased a small, desk ($39) and chair ($10 from a flea market) to fit the space.

Tada…project complete!! I have a practical workspace —AND can now shut the door!

You are never too old to find the FUNctional…