Who doesn’t love a buffet…where you get to pick and choose! Why not create a costume buffet for your next holiday affair? Encourage your guests to indulge in a little dress up.

I just love me a costume!

Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE, or any affair can be even more fun by adding a little creative whimsy. Put together a selection of costumes, masks, hats, etc. 

Here are a few ideas…


  • Pilgrim Hats
  • Turkey Feather Tails
  • Loincloth (…if you dare)


  •  Red Nose (Rudolph…but also think a Clown)
  • Santa Cap
  • Elf Ears


  • Angel Wings
  • Baby Diaper
  • Father Time Beard

Birthday…the sky’s the limit considering your guests’ age and personal interests! 

The idea is NOT to get fully dressed up in a costume BUT to add a little playful somethin’ somethin’ to lighten the mood and create a party atmosphere. 

My Halloween Costume Buffet (masks, hats, glasses) cost a few bucks, but…now I have these for future use AND remember now is a terrific time to take advantage of post Halloween costume sales! 

BTW…not everyone one will get into wearing a mask so the Groucho Marx crazy glasses or the Arrow Through the Head can be very popular. Extra Bonus, besides a fun way to start a party…you can get some great photos, share fabulous memories — and laugh a lot! 

So if you want to make a gathering FUN consider a “Costume Buffet” to get the party started.