I was putting off buying a new iPhone cover. I like things that are unique and was looking for a custom iPhone cover that would make me smile.

It’s with me all the time, so why not treat myself to some on-the spot happy?

Then I found the perfect solution on Amazon that incorporates a custom cover made from a favorite photo with a “drop” protector. It’s a bit more pricey but well worth it for me…since I frequently drop my phone.  😝

First, I needed to find that make-me-happy photo…and we do love our pets!

This sweet photo of Alexander Hamilton (aka Hami) was the perfect shot for me to use as my new phone cover! 

And Voila!

This is sooooo easy to do!

If you need a new cover:

Find a photo in your photo library that puts a smile on your face. Pop onto Etsy or Amazon and search for “Custom IPhone Cover” (with or without drop protection)

What I love is that every time I pick up my phone…I smile! That’s good energy multiplying all day long!

Check it out. You might also agree that it’s definitely worth the price of admission 😉

You are never too old to surround yourself with feel-good stuff . . .