What’s your happy place? A spot that helps you to instantly unwind and relax? 

For me, it’s laying in a hammock. Something about feeling suspended in air, yet supported soothes to me. And in a parachute-style hammock, there’s the added bennie of feeling like you’re in a cocoon.


Recently, hubby and I hung two hammocks in our side courtyard at our beach cottage, where it’s summer year-round. There’s also a huge, tree that provides just enough shade to make it comfortable even in the dog days of summer.

Plus it’s gorgeous to look up — and see nature!
And the perfect place for coffee or cocktails.

The best thing: We were able to situate our hammocks so we can chat and hang out together, without strategically placed trees.

Make Your Happy Place for Under $100

Here’s what we did to create this side-by-side, space-constricted option. 

We purchased two parachute-style hammocks (on Amazon) and configured hanging them in an isosceles triangle. With this hammock style, we needed at least 12 feet distance between the long end hanging spots. Then we purchased three (50 lb.) bags of Sakcrete, three pressure treated 4x4x8 posts, and two hammock hanging kits.

Isosceles Triangle

Once measured, hubby dug the 3 holes (much easier with a post digger). For an 8 foot post, we needed to dig at least 2-3 feet.

In each hole, he poured in a 50 lb. bag of quick-setting concrete (Sakcrete) and water (just using a hose), placing the post in the hole, making sure the post was level. Btw, the concrete starts to harden pretty quickly. 

Once the three posts were placed, I stained them using leftover wood sealant. And the next day, we attached the hooks and carabiners  on the post and hung the hammocks. 

Voila, our favorite place to hang!!!

How about you? What’s your happy place? If you don’t have one, create it!

You are never too old to find your happy…