Create your own logo for your…home, pet, business, or, personal brand! It’s a fun, creative way to give things around you a special identity.

We love to name things…our cars, our pets, our homes! So when we built a little second home surrounded by pine trees and near our Sporting Clays Shooting Range we felt “The Lodge” an appropriate moniker. 

Then, I got a brainstorm! If we call it “The Lodge” shouldn’t we have a Lodge Logo? My creative monkey brain started the list…Logo encrusted cocktail napkins; maybe even robes with Lodge logos for guests? 

What an idea…even if I say so myself! 

Why should exclusive Spas and Resorts have all the fun and cache? Why can’t a regular person, living in a regular home have a personal logo, too? 

So, I went to my favorite discount services site, FIVERR. Researched a few graphic artists specializing in Logo design…in my price range…and voila! 

Love the little pine cones!
Create your own logo, too!

Love our new “The Lodge” logo! Perfect, simple, easy, fast and priced right.

Next step is to start printing  and embroidering 😁 

You are never too old to create a little cache for just a little cash…