Are you in need of photo ideas? Recently we went to a fundraiser with lots of fun photo ops. So I decided to order Mare a little memento of our girls day out — and mistakenly ordered an 8×10 photo…

Photo ideas

Whoops….What was Mare going to do with an 8×10 photo of us?

I mean, an 8×10 is BIG. Huge! It’s not the size of photo you’d frame and put on a shelf or desk. Unless of course it was a Wedding photo! 

Yikes! I was in dire need for photo ideas.

So I thought “How can I make this Fun?” … and well, practical, for my gal pal. 

Paper Dolls popped in my mind. 

With the help of some cardboard (that was in the photo envelope), a pencil, pair of scissors and old-fashioned Elmers Glue (extra-strength!)…

Tada …. Behold M&M stand-up dolls! 

Photo ideas

Picture this! Now Mare can reminisce and giggle at the same time! 

Maybe we’ll be like the Travel Gnome… one never knows where or when we might pop up! 

It’s an inexpensive, yet meaningful gift idea for a friend, grandchild or maybe even you!