If your hair is getting a little shaggy like mine, here’s a fun easy tutorial to help you cut your own bangs at home #WITHME. We’re all about fun — and Fun-she-nistas need to keep their eyes open.

But in order to see, you’ve got to see…so no time for too long bangs!

You don’t get a lot of takes with these kinds of activities so here it is — all under 3 minutes. One-two-three-snip!

All you FunLifeTwisters know it’s all about finding the right twist —and it’s the same when it comes to trimming your bangs. Just take a little wisp, twist, snip — and you’re good to go.

At least until you can get back to your stylist.

Isn’t it so much fun to know you can do a little snip-snip and cut your own bangs in a pinch?

You are never too old too old to make do with your do . . .