Ready for a bit of Fun Fitness…here’s an at home dance workout challenge. Ready? Take five (actually 3:35) and shake it!

Whether you’re at home unloading the dishwasher, waiting for your coffee to brew, or cooking dinner, working is more fun when you add a wiggle. Plus, a dance workout is way to burn extra calories!

Turn up the volume and celebrate “September” with this oldie but goodie from Earth, Wind, and Fire.

You’ll recognize this tune — it’s played at most weddings, parties, conventions, and celebrations.

Why does this hit, September, in particular, up the fitness fun? According to NYU’s music theory Professor Jeffrey Peretz: The song’s opening line “Do you remember?” immediately invites us to participate and fill in the blanks. That invitation combined with the song’s structure, which feels like an endless cycle, keeps us in the groove, and wanting more and more.

Get into the groove — and hit repeat a few times! Do you know that 15 minutes of dancing burns about 94 calories (for a 150 lb. person). Dancing doesn’t even feel like a workout, but the calories burned add up. So you can enjoy that evening glass of Chardonnay, guilt-free!

What better reason to dance? And get a bit of a dance workout in…

Shake it, smile, and repeat . . . you are never too old!

Melinda & Mare ♀️