The idea to Decorate Your Backyard may seem silly at first, and yet…

Backyard living space ideas can include installing an elaborate outdoor kitchen or creating an private oasis. But sometimes it’s the small stuff that brings the biggest smiles.

Our backyard is a forest of trees and we LOVE our trees (I don’t use ALL CAPS lightly), considering them living outdoor art. Unfortunately, a few years ago a weather event toppled several trees near our dock. One, that supported our dock, had to be trimmed down to a tall stump. It made us a bit sad to see the stump that used to be a beautiful tree. 

So I came up with a fun decorate-your-backyard fix. I found an inexpensive art face kit that can be nailed directly onto a tree, dead or living.

Meet Mr. Stumpy!

Even though it’s no longer a living tree, “Mr. Stumpy” lives on as dock support —and dock greeter and now a quirky part of our family! Everyone that sees “him” breaks into a giggle.

Whether it’s a flower pot, silly statue, or colorful birdhouse, whimsical yard art can add fun and your unique personality to your outdoor space and a smile to your face.

You are never too old for a little whimsy . . .


BTW- Tree yard art is readily available from a number of home artists on Etsy, check ’em out.