When staging homes, I’ve learned that accessorizing matters. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the look and/or feel of a room is by incorporating decorative throw pillow ideas.

I have a closet full of accent pillows. And, you can purchase pillow covers online in varying colors and textures— just slip them over your existing pillows. Besides new decorative throw pillow ideas, a coordinating vase and/or small throw blanket will help to pull it all together. It can be subtle changes or bold ones.

Just for fun, switch things up, using your favorite colors. Or rotate accent colors to correspond with the seasons:

  • fall (rust, yellow, orange, or crimson)
  • winter (navy, burgundy, or forest green)
  • spring (coral, aqua, or yellow)
  • summer (teal, red, or kiwi).

And don’t forget about holidays, like Valentine’s Day (red or/and pink) or July 4th (red, white, and blue), beyond the standard decorating holidays!

Not only is the redecorating a blast and a quick DIY design change, it’s also fun to kick back in your “new” digs.

You are never too old to play with your decor . . .


And the Property Brothers agree…

There are simple, small things you can do that really will impact the space. Things like changing out your curtain panels to something that adds a fresh new feel. Or maybe a smart pattern. Also swapping out an area rug, throws and pillows can be done in no time, and really have a dramatic effect.

– Drew Scott