Try a quick and easy DIY spot removal technique that doesn’t require purchasing a Tide pen or carrying around a bottle of seltzer water. 

It never falls, does it? You’re out and about, wearing your favorite white blouse or white jeans and look down to see a glaring dirt smudge or make-up smear. Why does it always happen when you’re wearing white?  

Out da#m spot!

Rather than go for the usual spot removal options that require wetting…who wants to walk around with a wet spot anyway? Try this dry DIY spot removal technique, using a simple stick of white chalk. 

Yes, that little piece of white chalk effortlessly tucked away in your makeup bag will save you. 


I learned this Helpful Tip years ago. A piece of white chalk (just like Baby Wipes) can be used in a pinch to remove makeup, dirt, smudges…almost anything!

Simply brush the chalk over the spot, covering the make-up or schmootz. The chalk powder will soak up some of the residue and cover the rest. It’s just a short-term fix, obviously. But it’ll do the trick until you can get to the laundry — and if it’s not too bad (or you’re frugal like I am), you might even be able to get one more wear. Yay!

And since you’ll being buying a package of chalk (and more you’ll probably use in a lifetime), wrap a ribbon around several individual pieces as gifts. Give one to each of your besties. Or even to your grandkids — and while you’re at it, draw HopScotch squares and have some fun!

You are never too old to play with a piece of white chalk….