Take a walk (and get some exercise) outside, pick up a fallen branch or prune a bush, then grab a can of spray paint, and create a little DIY Vase Decor. Spray paint nature!  It’s resourceful; it’s creative; it’s fun!

What works really well in this DIY project are large dramatic leaves —like sago palm fronds or philodendron leaves.

I’ve also had fun with flowers that have sturdy stems, like agapanthus. Once they’ve lost their bloom, I cut off the seed pods and what’s left is a spikey round design. The fun is in all the possibilities!

Just lay out your fabulous finds on a large piece of cardboard (outside) and spray all angles with whatever spray paint color works with your decor. 

I tend to go for metallics (silver, gold, rose-gold, or copper) — but I also love using green. My favorite is Rustoleum’s Eden Green. It’s the perfect natural green shade.

Once dry, pop in a vase!

This time I what I had on hand (silver metallic)…green would’ve added a pretty pop of color, too!

You can be classy or whimsical. Go neutral — or spray each sprig a different color of the rainbow. 

Here’s the deal: You spend a lot of money on fake or dry branches or you can take a walk outdoors, create DIY vase decor, and feel great about using it all!

Even if you have billions, it’s fun to make and create beauty.

You are never too old to make some living art . . .