While taking Argentine Tango dance lessons with Zavio (don’t you just love that name?), I learned that the Tango is actually considered a walk. However, to do it properly, your natural approach to walking has to be retrained.

It’s fun because as you learn, your body naturally starts to sway. My husband, Hank has nicknamed it “The Walk” and asks for it by name, especially when I am walking away from him.

The Walk in Action

After learning this technique, my overall interest in walking piqued. I began to watch how people walked — and to become aware of all the words used to describe this basic human skill: gait; stride; shuffle; glide; prance.

Stride, sway, walk this way…

Believe me, “The Walk” is in a completely different category. It combines a connection to your body, your confidence, and your sensuality.

Just for at-home fun, give it a go!

You are never too old to try a new move . . .


Mare says: Walking is one of the very first things we learn to do — so we feel we’re naturally good at it. My perspective comes from my fitness background: As we age, we stiffen up and lose the limber stride of our youth. We just do! Always the personal trainer I find myself reminding my hubby to pick up his feet when he starts to shuffle and plod. And I have to remind myself, too! The Walk is not hard to do— or even complicated. It just takes a little extra focus and doing…I like to practice my walk when walking Lulu.