Drink more water…we’ve heard this over and over. But, what if you hate water? Is there way to make it more fun?!

It’s important to hydrate; apparently, you can live only 3 days without water. Obviously, I’ve never gone that long, but I’m just not that good at drinking water. Indeed! I’ve always joked that my three beverages are coffee, diet soda, and wine, depending on the time of day.

To me, water tastes blah. No fun.

My doc suggested that if I wanted to drink more water to mix a little Gatorade into it — for taste, but mainly for the extra electrolytes. Seems just plain water isn’t good enough for good hydration as you age.

And we all know how important hydration is for a healthy body — and healthy skin.

Drink more water
Water disguised as wine!

So finally, I’ve added a 4th beverage to my drinking repertoire: Water!

The added Gatorade gives it an extra punch, and sometimes I also include a *twist of lemon. We twisters like a twist…or five!

But perhaps the best idea is to sip it out of a nice wine glass. Whatever the time of day, I can always pretend …<sigh>

Drinking water is now more fun so I’m doing it!

You are never too old to find fun, easy ways to be healthier . . . Cheers!


*Don’t forget that twist of lemon. There are great benefits: Lemons are good sources of Vitamin C and polyphenols may help support weight loss!