I wanted to share that it can be fun to splurge, indulge, or treat yourself to your dessert of choice. The phrase “Eat Dessert First” has gained in popularity but I like to say, “Eat Dessert Anytime!” 

I decided that the lusting for a piece of Coconut Creme Pie had to stop. And, then I thought: I can eat dessert anytime . . .just for fun!

So at 3:18 pm, I pulled into the carry-out window of Yoder’s (famous for Amish cooking and in particular their pies). I was not disappointed, and gobbled up every creamy calorie-laden bite. 

Guilt free (sort of). 

Just for fun, treat yourself to something that you’ve been dreaming about! 

Eat dessert first
Gotta have it!

Btw, sorry for the half-consumed pie piece photo, I simply could not control myself. And, it did put a big smile on my whipped cream speckled face. I’ve decided the best desserts are the ones you eat whenever you want them!

You are never too old to spontaneously indulge . . . 


P.S. Recent studies suggest that saving what you love to eat last, actually leads to weight gain. And if you indulge in a treat before your meal (just a few bites, of course), then you start those digestive juices in a way that leads to feeling satisfied. Translation: By eating dessert when you want it (any time), you may eat less later!! Hmmm…more reasons to stop for pie! Yay!