Embrace your Crow’s Feet and smile! As FunLifeTwisters and FUN-she-nistas, you know…we are all about smiles. In fact, our goal is to encourage you to find things that help you to put a genuine smile on your face.

According to Positive Psychology, here’s the difference between a genuine smile, known by smile researchers (yes, they exist) as Duchenne smile, and a posed smile:

Duchenne smile (named after Guillermo Duchenne, its discoverer) is when the corners of your mouth turn up and the skin around the corners of your eyes crinkles (like crows feet). The muscles that make these actions happen are not easy to control naturally —making the smile random and authentic.

On the other hand, the posed smile is described by researchers as using the same muscles that primates use when frightened. Yikes!

And, yet, there are benefits to a smile, even if it’s forced. Know the saying: “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Well, according to Positive Psychology News research, your smile is contagious. So every time you smile at someone, they…more often than not…smile back! Talk about good Karma!

We say, “embrace your crow’s feet and Smile!” —smile a lot today (and every day), and do it genuinely. Let go of judgement and love all of you especially the lines, wrinkles and crows feet that make up a unique you! Forget about eye wrinkles and simply smile.

You are never too old to smile big and often . . .whoever has the most crow’s feet wins!

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A smile is a curve that sets everything right.

Phyllis Diller