BGE…or, Big Green Egg might just be life (style) changing if you love to cook! While grilling is satisfying, using your BGE, can transport you and your meals to another galaxy. From smoking, to grilling, to baking…your BGE can do it all. 

And, if you live in a year-round, warm weather state (like we do in Florida), raising the temperature in your kitchen can become too hot to handle! The Egg allows you to do it all…outside. 

Indeed, the BGE bakes a wood-fired pizza to rival any Italian restaurants’ wood fired oven. Yummy! And even though takeout is easy-peasy, I decided to do it all from scratch. I know, a little cray-cray…but FUN!

Finished 12 inch pizza! Only takes a few minutes since you cook at a super high temperature (600-700 degrees)

First, I found recipes for pizza dough and pizza sauce.

In my research, I learned that using a variety of flour in your pizza dough creates the best crunchy, chewy crust.

Dough, from scratch, next time I will buy “00” flour and see if the texture is different. Tip: Give yourself plenty of time; make your dough the day prior.

Plus, pizza sauce and tomato or pasta sauce are very different. Pizza sauce needs to be thicker and requires using paste. Pasta sauce is too runny, resulting in soft, soggy crusts — and if the sauce is too thin, your toppings will slide right off the pie and into your lap! Yikes!

Pizza sauce, easy to make, don’t by-pass the tomato paste!

Bottom line, yes, homemade pizza from scratch is an effort, but fun! And, cooking your pizza with your BGE will result in better-than-restaurant quality pizza in your own home! 

You are never too old to turn your back patio into an Italian kitchen…