Exercise in the Rain, crazy? Maybe not…

I was on my daily bike ride on a beautiful sunny day, when out of nowhere, it started to slightly sprinkle. It’s not even April, so . . .


I thought to turn back, and instead looked up to see a few non-threatening clouds.

And I remembered, how much fun it used to be to get wet, to run through the sprinkler, to play in fountains, to splash in puddles. I also thought of my hair that needed to be washed anyway, and said . . . Exercise in the rain?

What the heck!

So I continued to ride in the rain, feeling the sprinkles on my face, feeling my shirt start to stick to my skin, feeling my hair start to plaster along the sides of my head. Hmmm, I guess I do love mindfulness activities.

When I got home dripping wet, I felt more invigorated than usual and proud that I didn’t let a little water get in the way of my daily play. In fact, according to Health.com they say Scientists have studied it and people work out harder in the rain. Who knew?

Believe it or not, getting wet can still be fun. Whether you want to play in the rain/water or see the experience as water games, you can’t lose after all you’re not going to melt!

You are never too old to make a splash . . .


Don’t let a little sprinkle stop the play! Go for it…Exercise in the Rain!