You can have a laugh and have fun with photos by downloading a quirky fun app called “Face In Hole.” 

Okay, fair warning…it’s super silly. But what’s the harm in a little fun and games?!

Btw, this post is not a commercial endorsement…just sharing because it’s what we do! And if we find something that makes us smile, we want to spread the love.

Play Make Believe with Face in Hole

All you need to do is download the app, upload a favorite photo, and be willing to play around with technology to get the Face in Hole at the right angle. Oh and to get the best results, you’ll need a clear, straight-on headshot. 

Here are a few photos that I put together for Mare…

And here’s one of us…being besties…even in a make-believe world!

My brother…got a kick out of being “king”

Although I thought it was funnier when he was “the baby”…

…must be a sibling rivalry thang 🙄

It’s a great way to play with family and friends — even if they’re at a distance. 

It’s also fun to to do it for yourself.

Did you like to play dress-up as a kid? I like to think of it as Digital Dress-Up! So the question is…Who will you be? Just for fun…try on a new you, new hairdo, new body! It’s fun!

Fair warning it can be addictive!

You are never too old to play (and master) technology . . .



Mare here…”Seeing this one motivated me to work on my bat wings….so seeing yourself in the best shape ever can be motivating, too!” Va-va-va-VOOM!