Create fashion masks, using items from the closet. Melinda shows ways to make the Covid-19 mask experience fun and fashionable, using bandanas, scarves, and other items.

Scarves, though not as protective as secured masks, are certainly better than nothing and easy to incorporate into your professional style. Just lift it over your nose and mouth and then let it scrunch back down around your neck.

Okay, so the tulle ribbon might not be the most protective option; we hope it gets your creative juices flowing . The point is: you can create your own fashion masks from accessories lying around the house, no need to purchase anything online.

Fashion masks
Any bandanas lying around the house?

Just have fun with it! And whatever you do, keep smiling. One of the things we both agree on is how hard it is to FUNction with our mouths covered. We are both big smilers. It’s how we connect with others. Smiling — and then seeing people smile back.

With these masks and scarves, the only way we can tell whether anyone is smiling is if we see a crow’s feet or two. So remember to embrace your crow’s feet!

And please stay safe during this coronavirus pandemic! #WITHME

You are never too old to take care in style . . .

M&M ??

P.S. Check out Mare’s fun no-sew protective masks simply made with 2 rubber-bands and material from an old t-shirt.