Warning: This is not for the timid or faint-hearted! This lace mask hung in my closet for months…staring, daring me! I came to think of “her” as my Fifty Shades of Sexy Mask!

How did she get there?

Being impetuous is part of being an Aries. The ram charges forward, often without really thinking something through. And I was in such an impetuous state when I bought this lace mask at a lingerie store.

On a store manikin, this sweet navy lace mask seduced me into buying her.

But, when or where might I possibly wear this little number?

Finally, one day feeling especially bold and frisky, I donned the mask prior to a romantic interlude. When I walked into the room my husband didn’t notice anything at first, but as I got closer his eyes widened, and….he (thankfully) smiled.

Then, I smiled and knew everything was okay. He had received the masked woman as playfully as I had hoped he would. I started to take it off. But he said “Leave it!” 

Fifty Shades of Sexy Mask
Bring back the sexy!

While I haven’t worn the mask again, I vow that I will someday, OR, I may just lay it on our bed as an invitation….wink, wink. That is, if I haven’t already turned on the Twinkle Lights.

You are never too old to wear a mask . . . and bring a little Fifty Shades of Sexy into your love life . . .