Shopping online to find a bargain is one of my cheap thrills in life.  No gas, no lines…I just love surfing the Internet bouncing from one designer site to another interspersed with discount sites. From Jimmy Choo and Valentino to H&M from Serena & Lilly to Bed Bath and Beyond.

My strategy? First, log onto the designer sites to see the latest fashions — and THEN see if I can find the ones I ❤️ at better prices!

So you can imagine my delight when I saw the following fall find: Jimmy Choo’s beige leather ankle boot offered at a whopping $1195. Gorgeous! I love everything about them. Well, in truth I wish the leather was just a little darker…not so off-white.

Jimmy Choo boots

So, I kept searching… And, as I always do, I checked out H&M, voila! Beige ankle boots…same toe, same heel, darker color (which I like) No “JC” logo, no JC price tag…and, I love them. 

Even though, they are faux — not real leather.

Find a bargain jimmy Choo knock offs

Now that the bargain has been revealed…what’s a girl to do?


Personally, I think about how I will wear or use something. If it’s a classic that I hope to wear for years…I may buy the more expensive item. If however, it’s a trendy knock around I go for the discount item knowing that next year I will want to renew/refresh my look.

It’s so much fun to find a bargain —- for me, the hunting and finding feels like a game — and the rewards can be so oh so sweet…err…cheap.

And with the pennies saved, I have a head start on my next deal-finding shopping spree.

You’re never too old to enjoy a “cheap thrill” …