Ever walk into your closet…and think “I need some fresh fashion ideas” ???

Do you pull out the first outfit you see at the front of your closet, or the one you wore last week, when you have so many cute, unused clothes? Maybe it’s time for some fresh fashion fun.

Remember those cute little flat cardboard paper dolls that came in a book with several outfit options? You know, you had to punch or cut out the different clothes and accessories very carefully, making sure you kept the flaps intact, so they’d properly fit on the dolls. I ruined several outfits in my haste to play.

As a little girl, I loved playing paper dolls, AKA “paper doll fashion” styling them with different outfits and accessories, depending on the special pretend occasion.

Apparently, I have never grown up!

I still enjoy spreading out entire outfits on my bed or floor, when planning my attire for specific occasions.

Why? Because, laying out outfits helps you get them just right, often without having to try anything on; you can go through your various wardrobe options, by just switching around different tops, bottoms, shoes and scarfs.

Use paper doll fashion with Jimmy Choo, Armani, Bottega Venetta, H&M and more…

Fresh fashion ideas
upper left: Jimmy Choo’s Casual Dinner Out; upper right: Patriotic 4th of July
lower left: Armani Cocktail Disco Glam; lower right: Victoria Secret’s Valentine’s Oh La La

For Fresh Fashion Ideas: Paper Doll Fashion

So, if you are looking for Fresh Fashion Ideas or simply like to play with fashion AND if matching outfits feels like a hassle, try to take a moment for some Fun. Here’s how it works, by coordinating clothes in advance, and, taking the time to simply lay out the accessories, you can play with and easily adjust your outfits, getting the perfect fun fashion look without the last-minute stress. And, let me tell you, this process has saved me time and nervous energy when I most wanted to appear relaxed, calm…together! For example, before a job interview or a first date, where the first impression really matters.

And, most importantly, if you have fun doing this paper doll fashion exercise, your energy will be light and bright and who isn’t attracted to that type of energy?

You are never too old to play “paper dolls” . . .

Melinda ?