Make a fun first impression! Explore new front door paint colors. Part of your home decor starts way before you open anything! What is the color of your home’s front door? Does it reflect your style and make a good first or Fun impression?

According to Feng Shui, the front door is the portal of Qi for your home —and depending on what direction your front door faces, certain colors are more auspicious than others.

To determine your front door color, stand in front of your door, facing towards the outside, with a compass. My iPhone has a compass app so it’s easy peasy.

Grab a Can of Exterior Paint

Blues/greens are considered auspicious for my door’s direction. Needless to say, before I had unpacked my last box, I had painted our burgundy (inauspicious) front door a bright turquoise blue (SW, Holiday Turquoise), which instantly made the house feel more like our home.

My bright blue front door makes me happy, and apparently, it makes others happy, too. I get tons of compliments on the color—and it’s makes our home stand out. Indeed, a neighbor who walks down our street daily recently told me: “I always look for your house, it’s a landmark! When I see the front door, your pillows … all bright and happy, it brightens my walk!”

It’s fun to feel good — and so fun to feel you’re brightening someone else’s day, without even trying.

You are never too old add a make a fun first impression . . .

Mare ☺️

And I have an update — a year later and a new door color. Just for fun, I decided to explore new front door paint colors and found this beautiful bright blue. It’s called Chinese Porcelain and it’s Behr’s color of the year. Of course I also added a new cushions and pillows—and even re-stained the porch. Plus I’m still brightening days, mine and others, according to the word on the block. Yay!