Talk about fun at home activities, play Scrabble and other board games to connect with your family or spouse. WINNING is not a driver for me, so even though they’re fun for others, I’m usually not a fan of board games.

I’ve tried to play, but my husband says I’m no fun. When he makes a winning move, I’m not spurned on into the winning frenzy, instead I enthusiastically say, “Good job!”

He says he feels like he’s playing with his 3rd grade teacher.

Scrabble is the one game I can get into and make fun for him and win-minded friends. With Scrabble, you don’t just play to win (though you can), you play to play with words. And I love playing with words.

Yes, I may still tell my husband, “Good job!” when he comes up with a doozy of a word, but it becomes fun for him because it’s truly fun for me — and he senses my enthusiasm for “the hunt” for new words.

Scrabble also brings back fond childhood memories of playing the game with family by candlelight, waiting for a storm to pass. (BTW, Melinda’s family had a thing for puzzles.)

Fun at home activities scrabble
During a storm or scary disaster, fun at home activities are comforting.

Scrabble has been around forever, since the Great Depression, and nowadays it even comes in digital versions.

But I like playing with the “old-fashioned” board.

I pull it out, light a few candles (even though we have electricity) and open a bottle of wine (bet, his 3rd grade teacher wouldn’t do that!)—and have a FUN evening.

He enjoys the words and the win. I enjoy the words and the wine.

You are never too old to enjoy the words, the win, or the wine . . .