My hubby is a big believer in buying things in pairs…if I like something, he’ll say: “If you like it, get another, a spare.” It’s usually spare purse, tube of lipstick, or bottle of rosé.

But pets? As in get another dog?

We do like our animals, and recently decided to get another dog. Two dogs can be double the fun or double the trouble. And it goes without saying, it was not a decision we made lightly.

It all came down to wanting a playmate for our 4 year-old mini-dachshund Lulu. 

I don’t know about you and your pets, but we treat our animals like family. 

And just like the rest of the family, Lulu had become a bit neurotic. Doxies do well in pairs. We were hoping another pup would be good for her. So we “gifted” her (and us) with a 10 month old doxie rescue named Zero.

Zero survived a house fire, and his family had to give him up. Something about his story felt right for our family.

And it was a love match for Lulu and Zero.

Are you old enough to remember the old Doublemint gum commercial…that used to say “double pleasure is waiting for you.” 

Zero’s definitely brought us double pleasure. And a bit of double trouble, too. The good kind.

You are never too old to get into a bit of good trouble . . .