It’s interesting that big pouty lips (aka fuller lips) are in vogue, and that lip plumpers and lip injections are two of the most requested services, according to my favorite Medi-Spa owner. 

Being a bit of a weenie and hating needles, I knew I needed to find another option if I wanted to get back the fuller lips of my youth. 

Enter Michelle Wilson  #michellelovesmakeup an amazing make-up artist I met while working at HSN as an on-air host.  

Big pouty fuller lips, drugstore style

When completing my makeup before a shoot, she finished with a schmear of goo across my lips. 

I immediately felt the cool tingle, asking: “What’s that?” 

Carmex,” Michelle replied, explaining that not only does the menthol protect the skin, it naturally plumps the lip.

Trust me it works, fuller lips, and at a fraction of the price of other lip plumpers, you can’t go wrong. You can pick Carmex up at any drugstore in the Chapstick aisle. Their slogan is: It soothes. It heals. It protects. In my view, they can officially add: It plumps! 

Too fun…and it’s cheap! If you have a bit more time to fuss, check out this lip plumping makeup routine.

You are never too old to plump up the volume . . .

Melinda ?

Btw, schmear  is a fun Yiddish word for “spreading.”