If you are lucky and smart, you have surrounded yourself with fabulous women who inspire you and see the inspiration in you. Perhaps, recently you only see them on ZOOM or FaceTime ?. Here’s how this Give Compliments idea started. Recently, a friend inspired me to be more than I think I am — and it made me want to give compliments to others. Do you realize there is actually a National Compliments Day!


Compliments for women are like calorie-free goodies. Plus, it’s free fun for the giver and the receiver!

Sometimes we forget how fabulous we are and it’s so nice to be noticed and reminded by someone else that we are special, amazing, insightful and empowering.

It’s also FUN to see the inspiration in others —-and share what you see. In so doing, you have the power to lift them up, and who knows where all that lifting leads!

Pick a friend a day, for a week, to connect with and genuinely compliment her on her personal uniqueness. Go for it! If you have nice things to say…Say them!

You never know who just might have needed that extra support.

You are never too old to give compliments and tell a friend that she’s amazing . . . 


Give compliments#WITHME …so important, especially now!