It’s been over ten years since I decided to Go Gray and become a “Silver Fox” — or at least I like to think so. ? Finally, my struggles with being blonde were over! 

Although I was a little “tow headed” girl, my platinum locks got darker as I aged until they become a dull, dirty blonde (as we used to call it). Apparently my destiny was to go through life…listless, boring, mousey. 

No way! 

Thus began my constant pursuit of beach-bleached, frosted-highlighted blonde hair. Eventually, I said enough to color when more than a smattering of silver strands appeared. With the encouragement of a hair stylist, I decided to let my natural color grow in. 


To no longer be a slave to roots and color fluctuations and uncertainty and the chemicals…was a huge gift I gave myself. While it’s not for everyone it may be for you. You’ll never know unless you try. And new gray highlights and wigs makes the growing out process easier.

Here I am in one of my modeling photos. Amazingly I receive more compliments on my hair now than any other time in my life. And, these compliments come form young men and women as much as from my peers. 

Go gray
Gray is the new blonde!

Surprise, surprise, surprise…who knew Silver hair was going to be hip and just in time for you and me! 

One more thing: a great stylish cut with your silver/white is essential if you don’t aspire to granny status. ??

You are never too old or too young to go gray . . .

Melinda ?